20 January 2014

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook!

Happy Monday to you lovely people!

I though today that I could give you a little sneaky peek inside my sketchbook, if you fancy? It's a Moleskine Sketchbook that I bought a few years ago and didn't know what to do with. I found it last year and thought it would be perfect to use as my little felty loveliness sketchbook. 

moleskine-notebook-sketchbook-resized photo a2eb4860-9062-4186-87f3-6ba4e0ba682d_zps7aa1a9fa.jpg

My main way of working in this book is to make really rough, quick pencil sketches when an idea strikes. This is partly because if I don't get it down quickly it is quite likely to fly out of my head, and also in part because when Zoe is about, I only have a few seconds before Zoe spots the pencil and paper and wants to join in!!

You can see below a couple of pages where I have been working on some ideas for mobiles to sell in my shop. Do you remember the mobile I made for Zoe? Well I would like to work on that idea and develop the little critters (as some of them look a bit... wonky!) and I've also had a few ideas for other mobiles too.

notebook-mobiles-edit photo 7e975ee7-ef5e-4b1c-9f61-8bbca01a86af_zpsbaededf7.jpg

This little bunny girl down there has been in my sketchbook for a year or so now - I keep looking at this sketch - I really want to make her, but I'm worried that she won't look like she does in my head!

I usually spend quite a bit of time working on the final design and pattern for any of my products. So for little bunny girl I will re-sketch her, trace her, try out different ear lengths, paw placements and so on until I think she's perfect. Then I will draw up a final pattern, cut it out, and make it up in felt. If it works, great! If not, it's back into the sketchbook I go to refine the pattern and try, try again!

bunny-drawing-resized photo 2dd77007-1e76-4ef3-9574-bc7338021141_zps9fe2c5ca.jpg 

You can see in the photo below how i worked on my owl pattern. Starting on the left side there sketching different shapes and so on. He was originally going to be on a card with a little quote, so you can see some of my 'owl-ful' ideas there too!!

I came back to Mr Owl quite a few times before I had the final pattern you can see in blank pen below. Oh look, I even wrote up the method to make him up, what order to do each step. Maybe I was preparing to make him into a tutorial?

owl-sketches-edited photo ce88d051-7877-46ca-adab-0ac638962f81_zps804977cf.jpg

Of course, sometimes inspiration strikes and I just pick up my felt, some scissors and needle and thread and start snipping and stitching away - that is how this elephant brooch was created - no pattern, just snip snip stitch!

I think she turned out pretty cute!

 photo cd2423b1-34ec-4b23-a510-01d8afb76d63_zps5538e959.jpg

Would you like to see some tutorials on the blog? I've got one already - a washi tape card if you want to have a look? I'd love to make some more for you!

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  1. What fun to see inside your creative process. That bunny is just adorable; I'm sure you'll be able to do her justice when the time is right! xxx

    1. I've got her all cut out now, just need to stitch her up! Eee!! xxx

  2. I love sketchbooks, and having a nosey into someone else's! I seem to have a million scrappy bits of paper for crafty thoughts at the moment, but I feel a beautiful book like yours will inspire me to be more organised!? x

  3. Wilkos have some pretty sketchbook/notebooks in at the moment for not many pennies ;) xx


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