9 January 2014

Inta-update #1

Happy Thursday friends!

I thought I would do a quick little update of what's been going on this week, accompanied by some Instagram photos. You can find me on Instagram @walkthedust

 photo 60729E4B-3AB1-4A0D-B120-904672E2A4CA_zpshbapxkmb.jpg

Exciting thing of the week - my Tatty Devine necklace that I won in Becky Bedbug's giveaway arrived! Woot!! I've been lusting after one of their name necklaces for months (am v. jealous of Jo and Jen who have lovely collections of Tatty jewelry). If you haven't visited Becky's blog, go and do it right now, because she is the bloggy queen and if you don't I will send Zoe round to sort you out!!

 photo 8B5EF528-EE5B-4ABF-8EA8-EA3BC33FC17C_zpshnbc4cwh.jpg

This week I also sent out my very first Post Crossing postcard. I'm a member of #PostCircle as you know, and have done a few postcard swaps on swap-bot. I had heard of Post Crossing on Instagram and thought it was time I had a go. This postcard is on its way to Russia. How exciting!! 

 photo B21291E6-CFE2-4350-9547-8E7F98013BF1_zpsphibnk6y.jpg

What else? This week I have started my project for the year - a #52week crochet blanket. The original plan was to do a square a day - hmmm, not enough time for that I think. So then I thought a square a week, I can manage that! But going by how big my squares are, and how big I want the blanket to be, I'll need to do 3 squares a week. So that is what I will do. But as you can see, it is week 2 and I have done 2 squares.

So I am behind already. Sigh...

 photo 8D153C61-0ED3-4116-9508-DB33C8A71612_zpsne1knmcj.jpg

Oh, and Zoe and I took some selfies! Think we need to practice a bit more!!

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  1. I would quite like it if Zoe turned up at my house with her adorable face to "sort me out". If by that you mean we all have tea and cake together? I'll check out Becky's blog anyway though :) Good work on the granny squares! They look lovely :) xxx

    1. Haha yeah she would probably blow a raspberry on your tea though. And smoosh cake all over her face. But I would probably do that too...

  2. Loved the necklace, when I saw it today I was very jealous. I've been crocheting a granny a day for a blanket but so busy crocheting I've not blogged them. It's lovely when you feel your craftiness flowing.

    1. Aww thank you! I was so super happy to have won it that I did a little happy dance around the office! My crafty-ness won't stop flowing at the moment so I am using it while I have it!!!


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