13 May 2013

Tutorial DIY - Washi Tape Bunting Card

Hello and I hope that your Monday is going well!

Today I would like to share with you a tutorial to make a washi tape bunting card. You could make the bunting for other things, for example, I have seen some really cute bunting for birthday cakes. I would LOVE to have some washi tape bunting on my birthday cake (hint hint)!!

I got the colourful twine and some of the washi tape for this DIY from Wilko's - they have some really cute stationery items in at the moment. You could also try Etsy, eBay or Amazon who all sell cute washi tape.

This is what you will need:

 photo 1-supplies_zpsfbf3f770.jpg
You need: Twine, string or yarn; scissors; A selection of washi tape; a ruler; some card.

I used A4 textured card, and just folded it in half to make an A5 card, but you could use pre-made cards, in any size, just change the length of the twine to suit.

 photo 2-supplies_zps3b27fd3b.jpg
I cut my twine so that it hung across the card landscape, with a bit extra to stick inside. I selected these two red polka-dot tapes, I love pink and red, and who doesn't love a polka dot!!

 photo 3-stick-on-twine_zpsb4738ba9.jpg
Tear (or cut) your washi tape into strips and tape across the washi tape. You can measure the tape and the gaps, or you can just do it by eye. Can you guess which way I did it? Add or remove bits of tape to suit the length of your twine and also how you want it to sit on the card.

 photo 4-fold-over_zps44f74d8b.jpg
Fold the washi tape in half with the twine in the middle, so you get a sort of 'flag' effect. You could attempt to match up the pattern on the tape - I didn't think of this until just now so my spots don't match!! If the bits of tape aren't evenly spaced you can slide them along a bit, until you give the tape a really good stick down.

 photo 5-trim_zpsdc6b6554.jpg
Trim the rough edge of the tape. You can leave it all rustic looking if you want to :)

 photo 6-cut-points_zps55cfd4dd.jpg
You can leave the little flags as rectangles if you want, or you can do what I did and trim little triangles out of the middle. Just fold in half length ways and snip the corner off.

 photo 7-add-to-card_zps74626431.jpg
Make two little holes in the card (I used a thick needle) at equal points from the edges and the top. Thread the twine through the holes from the front to the back and secure with a little bit of washi tape. This makes the inside of the card look pretty too. If you want to you could cover the tape with a piece of paper though, or tie a knot in the twine and snip the end off.

 photo 8-finished-card_zpsa3255929.jpg
There you go, you have made a Washi Tape Bunting Card! Yay for you!

You could print some text onto the card before you stick the bunting on, or you could add some lettering by hand. Or leave it blank, it's your card :)

 photo 9-zoe-likes-it_zpse1c7f85a.jpg
Zoe liked the card so much she decided to eat it! Thanks Zoe!

 photo 10-alternate-style_zpsbb1df2c8.jpg
I made this other bunting so that you can see an alternative method of trimming the tape. Snip the tape into triangles instead of the 'flags' for a different look - I think this bunting looks quite 'village fete'

What did you think of my first DIY? If you have a go, send me a photo on Twitter or Instagram, or leave me a link in the comments!

Thanks for reading


  1. Such a simple but sweet idea, really love this xxxxxx

  2. How sweet! Are you thinking something like this for your cake (good for a wedding too, y'know!)?



    1. Yes, that sort of cake bunting but OH MY GOD THAT CAKE!!!!!!! I neeeeed it!!!

  3. This is way cute! I need to get some tape and try it! =D

    1. Thanks! I'll be making loads of these for birthdays coming up!! :)

  4. I am slightly obsessed with the paper craft section of wilkos.... I usually look but don't buy (I have NO need for any of it, other than the cello bags!!)but I recently bought the same twine as you used with no idea what to do with it. Now I do!

    1. Yaay! My argument is that you always need 'a but of string' so why not have pretty string on standby ;)

  5. I really like this - pretty and do-able too!

  6. Great post! I was looking for a few articles on uses of washi tape and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

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