8 June 2013

Etsy Finds Friday #21

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Yes, I know it's Saturday. I wrote most of this post yesterday and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa. Well, it's been a long week! So please, pretend it's Friday!

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Happy Friday gorgeous!! How's tricks?

Well my first week at work is over with and I couldn't be happier. It's been a difficult week for me and for Zoe, and I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my gorgeous girl. 

Plans include a BBQ at my dad's house and a trip to the park to play on the swings. 

As you know, this month's theme is all about our houses and homes so I thought that this month's Etsy finds would be some bits and pieces that I would (realistically) buy when we eventually get around to redecorating various rooms. The only room we have decorated is Zoe's nursery, and the rest of the house is in real need of sprucing up. 

Our bedroom will be first in the list, and we are planning a purple theme (we are both big lovers of purple!!).  We will be getting a wardrobe, or building one into the alcove. I would love a new bed but Martin is happy with the one we have. Sigh.

 photo air-plants_zps16d19c75.jpg
I would love some air plants - I think they're pretty hard to kill, which is a good thing for me! These are from peacocktaco.

 photo winterfell-tourist-poster_zps2c632ec7.jpg
You all know how big Game of Thrones fans Martin and I are - how about some cute GoT inspired artwork for the walls? I love this vintage-inspired poster from Teacup Piranha.

 photo storage-buckets_zpsd334f5ed.jpg
Are you like me? Do you have lots of little bottles and pots of things in your bedroom? I need these little fabric baskets from The Basket Garden to keep everything in order.

 photo purple-bowl_zps9d1f7331.jpg
How awesome is this fabric bowl from LindyLou4U? The colours are just perfect and it would be ideal to keep things like brooches and earrings in.

 photo kiss-me-ggodnight_zpsad59ec5f.jpg
I would love this wooden 'kiss me goodnight' sign over our bed - it's from spunkyfluff. (haha awesome shop name!!

 photo book-quilt_zpsfea2c04f.jpg
One day I will get round to making a patchwork quilt for our bed, but until then, this bookshelf quilt from Quilted Bliss By Nadine would be perfect!

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  1. Purple sounds lovely. I say this because my bedroom is purple (and red) and I love it. That poster looks excellent- I love that sort of paint-by-numbers style of vintage travel posters. Looking forward to seeing the before and after shots of your house makeover. xxx

  2. LOVE the GOT poster! May have to purchase that :)

  3. The Winterfell poster.... Meeeep need it! xx

  4. Ha I was sleeping on Friday too. Apparently I timetravelled and posted last friday's post in 2012.

    That fabric bowl is gorgeous. Anything in those colours is pretty gorgeous.

    1. haha but yay for time traveling - are you the Doctor??


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