10 July 2013

What's Been Occurring Wednesday #23

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Hello there! Long time no see! What have I missed?

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I seemed to have taken an un-scheduled blogging break for the last few weeks. Since going back to work I have struggled to find the time (and, to be honest, the motivation) to blog, Instagram or even tweet. I've still been reading all my usual blogs so have kept up to date with all my lovely blogging ladies, but I have had a big cull of blogs (and twitter-ers, and Instagrammers) that I was just skimming past - why was I even subscribed to some of them I have no idea! I was feeling overwhelmed and actually getting quite stressed out when I couldn't keep up with all of the blogs I was reading and I thought - this is crazy! Why am I doing this if it is making me this anxious?! I'm supposed to be relaxing here! So now I am feeling a lot more comfortable with the number of blogs on my feed, as well as the number of people I follow on various social media platforms.

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So, now I feel more organised with my blog reading, it's time to get more organised with my blog writing! For my birthday I got Blog, Inc.by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, which I am dipping in and out of - I'm using it more as a reference guide than a read-it-cover-to-cover book. I find that some sections just aren't relevant to my little blog right now, like the chapter about sponsorship, for example. (This seems as good a place as any to ask if you want to do a button swap, just drop me an email - yay!) I do love the little interviews with bloggers in the book - but that is because I am a nosy parker! Becky did a review of the book the other day - you can go and read it here. I also won a printable planner from the very lovely Laura a while ago on My So Called Chaos blog. Which I should really start using. Hmm.

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I keep meaning to write about all the wonderful things that have been arriving through the post lately. In fact, I have a draft post filled with lots of pretty things. I really should photograph stuff before I send it out, but I am usually in such a rush to get it into the post office that I forget! The photo above is what I received from the awesome Laura from Bugs and Fishes - one of her My Library Project zines, filled with graffiti found in library books in her student days. So much fun! And just look  at how pretty her business card is!

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This last weekend saw my our little family being very very busy enjoying the nice weather that Cumbria is currently experiencing. Saturday found us pootling around Talkin Tarn, which would have been perfect if not for the very noisy rowing competition taking place on the Tarn. Martin was not impressed by the loud speakers and tannoys, various small animals and young 'posh folk' carting boats around the place. He was happy (for a while) with a tummy full of ice cream, before we strolled back to the car and back to my Dad's for hand-made pizza, cooked on the BBQ. I'm sure that he much preferred our Sunday walk up High Pike with his parents - a 2,000 footer (Zoe's first), followed by a roast dinner in the garden at Plumbland. Tasty!

I am hoping that this post will mark my getting back into the rhythm of blogging again - I am hoping some bloggy inspiration rubs off all of the other lovely Cumbrian bloggers who I'm meeting up with on Sunday for a picnic in the park - bliss! And my mother will be looking after Zoe for a few hours, so I will be child free - wow, I'll get to be a grown up again!!

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  1. That business card is beautiful! You are lucky at winning things, aren't you? :) That Blog Inc. book looks interesting- I might have to check it out next time I'm in a bookshop. Glad to hear you had such a nice weekend xxx

    1. I do have quite a bit of good luck when it comes to bloggy giveaways and the like - in fact I believe that I won one of the prizes on OhNoRachio's giveaway! I should buy a lottery ticket!

  2. Glad you are getting back in the groove of things. I have felt that same way many times.

    Check out my site and we can swap buttons!



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