29 July 2013

Bloggers of Note #4

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Happy Monday you lovely people - how's tricks?

I thought that it was about time that I did another of my Blogger's of Note posts. you can find all the previous ones here. Quite a few of these blogs I have no idea why I haven't included them before as I have been following them for ages!! Well, here you go:

Annee Apple - The very lovely Annee's blog is filled with photos of her (hectic-sounding) life, her lovely kids, cooking, and (my most favorite type of posts) - sneak peeks of her soon-to-be-sold stationery. Annee is one super talented lady - go and say Hi!

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Attic24 - Lucy's blog was one of the first blogs I ever did read, and I have been following along with her for years. In fact, I can't believe I haven't had her as a Blogger of Note already! Lucy is a genius with a crochet hook, well, with anything crafty really. She has an AMAZING eye for colour - just look at the pic below - yummy!! If you like crochet, you will LOVE Lucy, I guarantee it!!

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Becky Bedbug -I can't remember how I came across Becky's blog, but boy am I glad I did. Some of my all-time favorite posts are by this fab lady, her posts cover fashion, work, lifestyle, reviews - loads of different things. And how cute is her new blog design? One of my fave recently-discovered-in-the-archives-post is this one, where her brother gives his fashion opinion on some of her outfits. I fell off my chair! Check out her 'guide' for new readers here.

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Asking for Trouble - Marceline runs the amazing Asking for Trouble shop here, and blogs all about her art, kawaii stuff and general lifestyle stuff on her blog. I think her characters are just too cute! I made a purchase a few weeks ago from her shop, and can I just say that the service was excellent, the order arrived super super fast, and there was even a couple of little surprises for me in there! I can't wait to place my next order - the only trouble is deciding what to get!! (p.s. - I am totally not sponsored by Marceline, I just think she is awesome!)

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Polka-Dots and Sparkles -I believe that I found Beks' blog through the Twittersphere (wow that word is bleurgh!), and spent many a happy hour since scrolling back through the archives, looking at all of the pretty things she's made. I wish that I had some of her skills!! I loved her recent post about her holiday on a houseboat - the photos make me want to just sail off into the sunset. p.s. do you have an iPhone 4/4s? She's giving away some phone cases on her blog. Go and see!

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Wreck This Girl's Blog - Fab is one of the lovely ladies who runs Postal Society, a place for us snail mail geeks to get together and drool over pretty envelopes (and other things like that). Fab's blog is filled with drool-worthy stationery, free downloads and inspiring smash-booking. I actually featured one of Fab's illustrations in my round up of room tours during my Other People's Houses month.

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Hope you enjoy browsing these lovely ladies' blogs :)

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  1. I am not surprised you love Attic 24. It is amazing! I'm off to check out the others now...thanks for sharing. x


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