22 March 2013

Etsy Finds Friday #11


As my Mummy dearest is on her jolly holidays staying at my Uncle's house in Sydney, the theme of this week's Etsy Finds Friday is Australia! All of these items are made in Sydney, Australia (and ship to the UK - bonus!!).

This is Etsy Finds Friday number eleven - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here. Please come back next week or subscribe so you don't miss out on next week's list!

 photo crochet_zpsdc277d88.jpg
Crochet: What an adorable little crochet robot from TheTinyOwls! I love his wonky little eyes!

 photo knitting_zps4d7fd16c.jpg
Knitting: I love loads of the items in IntiOriginals's shop - but this chunky shawl is my fave!

 photo art_zps8feb84be.jpg
Art: Wow - BricksandPaper's shop is stuffed full of gorgeous paper collages - I think I would like this one please!

 photo fashion_zps0a85f06e.jpg
Fashion: These skeleton shoes from ClothesDontCheat are just awesome! I need them in my life!

 photo jewelery_zpsf8421861.jpg
Jewellery: ImogenandEloise have some beautiful items in their shop. I love the blues in this bracelet set though.

 photo home_zps4ccde0e8.jpg
Home: This lovely screen printed cat cushion is so fun! It's from doabit, they have lots of other nice cat home items!

Thanks for reading

P.S I had this post all ready except for the images, when poor little Zoe decided to head-butt one of her toys and put her one tooth through her top lip! So it was off to A & E for us.  She is fine, no stitches needed or anything - I think I got more of a shock than her.


  1. love the skeleton shoes! xoxo


    1. They are fantastic aren't they?! I love them!

  2. What a beautiful bracelet.

    Glad to hear Zoe didn't need stitches, and hope her lip is not too sore.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

    1. I love those bracelets that look like lots of bracelets! Thanks, Zoe is fine now - you can't even see anything! Overreacting mum?!

  3. Love the collages and cats! Clean, pretty prints! :) Now following x


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