5 January 2013

Charity Shopping

I got an awesome charity shop haul yesterday. I went into a shop I haven't been in before, because there was a Philippa Gregory book in the window which enticed me in. I ended up buying some embroidery thread, including some variegated threads; an embroidery frame thing; some cream fabric (two pieces, each one is about 3m by 50cm) and some patterned ribbon, for the grand total of £2:

In the charity shop near my house I found a (not quite complete) collection of Cross Stitch Magic magazines. In amongst the magazines were various knitting patterns, from the seventies I think, and a little book of embroidery stitches that originally cost threepence. I also got 2 crochet hooks and some small scraps of yarn as well as a huge ball of yellow yarn - no idea what I'll do with it yet!! All of these were £3. So quite good for a fiver I think!

I am planning on having a go at embroidery in the near future, so nearly all of these finds will come in handy for that! Every month Mollie Makes magazine has lovely embroidery patterns but as I didn't have an embroidery hoop I haven't had a go yet. I have also ordered some Aida off eBay so that I can have a go at cross stitch. I love black work (I have a black work owl in my bedroom) so might try that first - there is a pattern for a black work tapestry in one of the cross stitch magazines. Unfortunately none of the magazines have the little cover kits with them.

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  1. Wow, amazing finds! It's rare that I find such great things in the charity shops in Cambridge, sadly, but I probably don't go in as often as I'd like either... Bargains are the best!

    1. I thought I'd replied to you on my mobile - sorry! I don't usually get this much good stuff. It's usually books a-plenty when we go shopping, and if I am looking for something in particular - well - I never find it. But Friday must have been a lucky day :)


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