24 January 2013

What's Been Occuring Wednesday #2

What have I been up to this week? I know it is now Thursday, and not Wednesday - yesterday went a bit mental with buses and unexpected visitors - hopefully today will be a bit calmer!!

I have been sketching ideas for new shop items in my sketchbook, and I have updated my shop with the hearts and owl from last week's WOW. 

I have also been doing a bit of crochet on my giant granny square blanket:

I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter if I should keep it quite small (to use as a pushchair/baby blanket for Zoe), or if I should keep going so that it becomes a snuggle blanket for cold days cuddling on the sofa. The unanimous decision was to keep going and have a giant snuggly blanket! So that is what I will do! Hopefully it will look something like this one - maybe even bigger!!

I have been reading a new crochet magazine - Simply Crochet.It was quite good, but there wasn't a lot of 'new' information - things that you find for free online, so I don't think I'll buy it again, unless there is a really good free gift!! For complete beginners it might be quite good as it has detailed directions and photos for all the basics, which would be a good reference guide. 

On Saturday, we had Martin's Mum and Dad around for chilli. While Martin and his Dad were doing man stuff in the garden, his Mum and I took Zoe for a little walk - we ended up in the little community charity shop around the corner. We bought a Bernard Cornwell book for Martin, a book about Queen Victoria for his Mum, a big pile of books for Zoe, and a wooly cardigan-jacket-sort-of-thing for his Mum. All for £5! This is definitely my favorite shop at the moment.

Last week (Friday I think it was) I bought some cheap wool and a bit of fabric in the same shop. I think the wool might become a hat for Martin - it might end up a bit 'boyish' for Zoe. I bought a bit of fabric as well to add to my little stash - one day I will cut it all into squares and make a patchwork blanket. One day!! This cost me the grand sum of £1!

We were out for dinner on Tuesday night at out friend's house - he has just bought a house nearby so we went to have a look and took him a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift. He made Jamie Oliver's Beef Hash from his 30 minute meals book (the link takes you to a wonderful New Zealand food blogger's site - her blog makes me so hungry!!). He just did the potatoes and the hash, and it was absolutely wonderful - I will be making this for Martin again soon!

Thanks for reading


  1. Nice! I learnt he basics of knitting years ago but I never actually successfully knitted anything, let alone to do a crochet. What you did there with the blanket is really nice. Keep it up! :)

    Oh wow all those for £5 only? Over here those stuff would cost quite a bit. Lucky you! :D

    Kitty, nekonette.com

    1. I keep trying knitting but can't get my head around it - I love crochet, I find it so much easier! This shop is amazing - a lot of the other shops here would have charged a heck of a lot more - and it's only around the corner - dangerous really as I am spending all my money there!!

  2. Hey! I've just started crocheting and I love that blanket! Is it simple to do - simple stitches? I'd love to make something like it! Also, how do you so often change the colors? Is it simply just a cut and tie?

    Marina B. Nebro
    Marina Nebro: Arts and Culture - http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/artsandculture

    1. Thank you so much! It's just the same stitches repeated - can you do a granny square? It's just clusters of three DC, with a chain between each cluster. Then at the corners, you do 3 DC, 2 chain and 3 DC again. I just change colour each time I finish around - I just knot the end of colour 1 where it joins the start of the round, and then knot colour 2 into a chain space, then crochet over the ends.

      I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions, just drop me an email :)

  3. The crochet blanket looks great! I completely agree with all your friends, a big one for the sofa is clearly the way to go - you can't have enough snuggly blankets! My nan taught me to crochet over xmas and now I'm hooked (no pun intended) and I've been making lots of little granny squares which will hopefully come together to make a blanket too!

    1. Thanks so much! My first blanket was made up of lots of granny squares, just make sure you sew your ends in well as mine is now unraveling!!

  4. NIce job on the crochet! Wish I was patient enough to be that craft and complete something! :)


    1. Well I haven't finished yet... there's still time for me to get distracted and not finish it hehe


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