7 January 2013

Craft Room Inspiration

I seem to just collect everything and anything that i might be able to use one day - from buttons and ribbon, to paper and magazines, so I have a LOT of stuff. I do most of my crafting in the main living area, and there is no room at all to keep my crafty stuff out. I have an old singer sewing machine in a cabinet (which I don't use - it belonged to my Great Aunt and I don't want it to break!) which I use for some storage. Other things are wedged down the side of the cabinet, and then I have even more stuff in the attic! I will share photos one day when it isn't so messy!

I would love to have a whole room to myself for crafty purposes but unfortunately we just don't have the room. But that doesn't stop me dreaming of my perfect craft room! Here are some that I have found on blogs and on Pinterest.

I love this simple sewing area set up. I don't have the space to keep my machines out all the time, but if I did, I would love to have a nice big space to work on. 

This area is so colourful! i love the blue wall and the clever way the ribbons are stored.

I would have a space in front of my desk where I could pin inspirational bits and pieces - and all that fabric would certainly brighten up the room and inspire me every day.

This is the craft area of The Scientific Seamstress - a molecular biologist turned pattern maker. I love the periodic table of sewing elements.

Aha! I craft room-in-a-box! What a splendid idea. Unfortunately I have so much stuff it probably wouldn't fit - but how wonderful would this be? You could put a really nice statement wallpaper on the outside too.

This is how I picture my craft room would look - organised but still not too matchy-matchy. Lots of different storage containers (like that adorable blue suitcase - love!) and everything on display so that I don't forget what I have!

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  1. Lovely inspiration! Thank you for much for sharing! :)

    1. I had so much fun looking at craft spaces! I love yours!


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