1 February 2013

Etsy Finds #4

Hello my lovely fiends and followers! I hope that you have had a nice productive week. My roundup of Etsy faves this week has a baking theme. It is my father-in-law-to-be's birthday soon, and I said that I would bake a cake for him. I am planning on making a victoria sandwich with cream and jam in the middle. But I also want to make a cake with icing on. Maybe I will just have to make two cakes - one just for me and one for the birthday!

This is the fourth in the series - all of the previous Etsy Finds Friday posts can be found here.
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   Crochet: These baking utensils (pattern) from KTBdesigns  are just adorable - Zoe can play with these while I'm baking!

 Knitting: I am in need of some stitch markers and these cupcake stitch markers from beadpassion are so cute!

  Art: The colours in this Today I Feel Like Baking print from flowersinmay are just what I want in my kitchen.
 Fashion: This cupcake apron from LauriesGiftsBiz is so bright and cheery - much better than my boring white one!

 Jewelery: I simply adore this baker's necklace from CMVISIONJewelry
 Home: This set of vintage baking pans from therainyside is just what I need!

Thanks for reading


  1. Ooh I LOVE those vintage baking pans! How beautiful :)

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog- the previous comments wouldn't let me click through to your blog so I was unable to find you for a visit! I'm very touched to hear I make tea come out of your nose- it's definitely a compliment in my book!

    I'm off to have a good snoop around your blog now, because I am super nosy :) xx

    1. Ha! Snoop away - I am super nosy too - I love reading blogs - it's like peeking in other people's windows :)

  2. Hello from the blog hop! I am totally swooning over those cupcake stitch markers!

    1. Hello - I have just been over to your blog too :)


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