13 May 2014

Fashion, Beauty & Grooming #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!!

As you all know, I am no beauty blogger, although I do follow a few and I enjoy watching make up videos on youtube. I did actually get a little bit excited when I saw this prompt, and I had loads of ideas for what I wanted to do, but settled on this post, which is sort of a daily beauty routine and the products I use.

I did consider doing a little 'get ready with me' video, but chickened out - no one wants to see Anna sans-make-up!!

So first of all - shower! I use this Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner for a few reasons: Number 1 - it's cheap, they are usually on a 3 for £3 deal. Number 2 - it's the only thing I've used that untangled by long hair. Now that it's shorter it's not as tangly but it still helps it not be a massive knot! Number 3 - I LOVE coconut!! I also use the original source coconut shower gel (which I haven't taken a photo of - oops!) so I smell all coconut-ty!!

Ha - this is what I look like out of the shower - how attractive!!! At least I'm dressed!

So, skincare. I remember watching a 'get ready with me' video on youtube and I'm not kidding, the girl in it must have put TEN DIFFERENT PRODUCTS on her face before she even started on make up - who needs that many products?!?!?! I just wash with this Witch Face Wash (which I love because it's all foamy) and this Clean & Clear moisturiser to (try to) keep the oily face at bay. Simple!! 

Now for the make-up.I stick a bit of concealer/brightener under my eyes to hide those dark circles (thanks Zoe!!), then put on a thin layer of pressed powder. If I'm feeling a bit pale I'll add a bit of (very old) bronzer to the old fizzog too. Then I do my eyebrows with a recently purchased eyebrow palette (which is a new thing for me - don't know if I'll keep doing it, I don't think it makes much difference?) then some eyeliner, either a pen liner or an eyeliner pencil, depending on my mood and how much time I have - because it always takes me about three attempts to do my left eyelid with the liquid eyeliner. A quick blob of mascara (that was a freebie on a magazine) and either lip gloss or lipstick if I have time. Phew!!

I love my little stash of Lush perfumes - my favourites are Karma and Breath of God. I also love to mix Karma and Vanillary together - it smells yummy!! Wow these lids are pretty filthy - eww!

And this is me! After all of the above. Now to dry my hair and hop off to work. Bye!!

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  1. 10 products before make up sounds crazy! That cannot do anyone's face any good! I love the colour you have on your lips :)

    Chelsea x
    Love in Modern Life

  2. I love coconut too! Looks like you're sorted perfume-wise, but FYI the Body Shop is having a 40% off flash sale with free shipping right now (A Thrifty Mrs just blogged about it) and their coconut perfume is AMAZEBALLS. I'm with you on the products- I use a face scrub in the shower (normally Clean and Clear) and then slap on some Nivea moisturiser. Job done. xxx

  3. I love the smell of those shampoos, they are just gorgeous. Looking very pretty too lady x


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