29 May 2014

Owls at Muncaster Castle #BEDM

Hello Lovelies!

On Sunday 25 May, as it was my birthday, we went to Muncaster Castle for the day. The World Owl Trust have a whole heap of owls (a parliament of owls is the collective noun) at the castle, and they do regular displays in the grounds. Unfortunatley, as it was the Muncaster Festival when we were there, the place was heaving and so they couldn't fly the owls, as there was too much going on, and the owls would have just flown off to a tree to hide.

I did manage to get some photos of the owls in the aviaries though early on in the day. I used my new lenses for my iPhone (you can find them here) which is so much better than using the zoom function on your phone). I didn't take any of my big cameras with me, although I did take my little mini lomo action camera (a bit like this one) so when I get the film developed I will share them with you all!

You can click on the photos to make them bigger if you want. I really like the vignette effect that the lenses add to the photos, but you can also just crop out the edges if you want to.

What did you get up to this bank holiday weekend?

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  1. Bless those little tiny owls in the last photo - so cute! xxx


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